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South Knox Bubba's Letter to KPD
re. Pass Pets Store of Misery
(of course, it got no response)

NOTE: Do not, repeat, do NOT purchase a pet from this or any other pet store. They are bred and "raised" in cruel and inhumane conditions in puppy mills around the U.S. Purchasing these animals only supports this disgusting practice and perpetuates cruelty and misery. Instead, find a reputable breeder through the breed's national breed club or rescue organization, or better yet rescue a mutt from the pound. Oh, and please spay and neuter. OK, then.

December 22, 2000

Knoxville Police Department
Bureau of Animal Control
800 East Church Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37915

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regard to Pass Pets, a pet store in the West Town Mall. I visited this store on Thursday, December 21, 2000 and observed puppies for sale that appeared to be maintained in a cruel and deplorably inhumane manner. Further, the animals did not appear to be of good breeding, and some of the animals did not appear to be healthy.

These animals were housed in enclosures with wire mesh floors, presumably to allow waste to drop through for easier removal. It did not appear that the catch basin was being kept clean, and there appeared to be an accumulation of feces and urine.

In addition, the animals appeared to have difficulty standing on the wire mesh, which appeared to cause pain or discomfort. The animals also appeared to be extremely uncomfortable lying on the wire mesh. In one enclosure, animals were fighting to lie on top of one another to escape the wire mesh.  Further, it appeared that the enclosures did not have adequate heating because several animals were observed huddled and shivering.

Further, it appears that the breeding of some of the animals is being misrepresented. At least one puppy was advertised as being a certain breed with which I am familiar. This animal did not appear to conform to the breed standard, and in no way appeared to be a “purebred” specimen of the breed. This particular animal’s jaw also appeared to be grotesquely malformed.

Finally, Many of the animals appeared to be too young to have been separated from their litters and are not receiving adequate socialization. Some of the animals displayed neurotic behavior, and one appeared to be experiencing seizures. In general, the animals did not look healthy or well cared for.

I request an investigation to determine if there are violations of any applicable regulations. Based on my observations, I question whether this store should be allowed to offer these inferior quality animals for sale to the public, should be allowed to misrepresent their breeding, or should be allowed to house them in what appears to be inhumane conditions. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours truly,

etc. etc.


Pass Pets operates a chain of pet stores based out of Missouri. Missouri leads the states in the number of commercial dog breeder's AKA puppy mills. The conditions in which these animals are maintained in puppy mills and this store are deplorable, cruel, substandard and unacceptable.

In puppy mills, dogs are locked away for a lifetime in chicken coop like cages with wire floors, reeking with odor, feces and urine, and sometimes the stench of dead animals. Sometimes several dogs "live" in one 2 foot by 2 foot cage with no heating or air conditioning, poor ventilation, inadequate foods, and lacking in proper nutrition, hydration and medical care.

Female dogs are bred at every cycle until death. Little or no concern is given to poor and unhealthy specimens breeding puppies with multiple genetic defects to be sold across America to unsuspecting pet shop customers.

Puppies are shipped under conditions that result in transport deaths exceeding 10%. Additionally another 10% die within 30 days after leaving these puppy farms.

Puppies removed and sold at such young ages often without any or improper inoculations. Pups isolated and neglected, removed from mothers at such early ages can develop odd behaviors and emotional dependencies. Many mature with extensive and multiple health problems associated with poor husbandry practices.

Few show any real purebred characteristics. Parentage of any specific dog is questionable at best. If you want a puppy as a pet, do your homework and find a reputable breeder.

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